Abraham Steiger
Seal of the US Air Force
Vital statistics
Title Colonel
Birthdate 1950
Gender Male
Home Country United States
Affiliation United States Air Force
Occupation Inspector General for Safety
Rank US-O6
Status Alive
Home California

Abraham Steiger was a citizen of the United States and officer in the United States Air Force.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Steiger is of Jewish descent which gives him a Semitic look. Steiger has a shaved, bald head with hazel eyes and Kaiser Wilhelm-style mustache. His weight pushes at two hundred and twenty pounds in a squat, barrel-chested body. He wore a size twelve boot.


Steiger has a passion for prospecting, especially for gold. He considers himself a bona fide quitter on the small mental things in life like crossword puzzles. He enjoys smoking as well. He was extremely proud of the United States Air Force.


Steiger is a California native and grew up near the Sacramento River. He used to go rafting on the river as a kid.

In 1988, Abraham held the rank of Colonel and was assigned to Norton AFB near San Bernadino, California as an Inspector General for Safety. Colonel Steiger was contacted by Harvey Dolan, an principal maintenance inspector with the Federal Aviation Administration about a missing C-97 Stratofreighter. Colonel Steiger replied the he would send a letter to Dirk Pitt.

Col. Steiger had a speaking arrangement at Chanute AFB about aircraft safety, and he decided to call on Pitt to speak with him about the wreckage and do a little prospecting. He went directly to Charles Smith's cabin near Table Lake, Colorado to meet with Pitt and the two men did not get along too well at first. He assisted Pitt and Albert Giordino in tolling the lake for the wreckage of the Vixen 03 and discovered the body of Charles Smith.

He took offense when he thought Pitt was accusing the Air Force of murder of the Vixen 03 crew. He was skeptical of Pitt's explanation of what possibly why the Vixen 03 was covered up. [1]

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