Albert Giordino
Vital statistics
Title Assistant Special Operations Director
Gender Male
Home Country United States
Affiliation NUMA
United States Air Force
Occupation NUMA Investigator
Status Active
Home Washington, D.C.

Albert Giordino is a citizen of the United States, and an officer on loan from the United States Air Force. He is currently the Assistant Special Operations Director of NUMA.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Al is from Italian descent from which he got his dark complexion. He has dark and an mischievous Italian grin. Al is barrel-chested and very muscular.

Personality Edit

Al considers himself a ladies' man, but he will drop everything to go help his friend, Dirk Pitt, including if he was on a date.


In 1988, Al was called away from a redhead in Washington, D.C. by Dirk to load up a plane of equipment and come to the Lake County Airport. Al, Pitt, and Colonel Abraham Steiger tolled Table Lake, Colorado for the wreckage of the Vixen 03, and discovered the body of Charles Smith in the wreckage. Al has known divers who have died of hypothermia.

He went back to Smith's cabin with evidence that Pitt discovered in the airplane's wreckage. [1]

Relationships Edit

Dirk Pitt Edit

Al and Dirk have been best friends since elementary school during first grade, Al was the school bully until Dirk kicked him in the crotch. Al is the first person Dirk calls if he is in a bind. He is extremely protective of Dirk and he will call him out if he thought that Dirk will take an unnecessary risk.

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