Boeing C97
Role: freighter, military transport
Manufacturer: Boeing
Class Name: C-97
Affiliation: USAF roundel
Pan Am Logo
United Airlines
Length: 33.7m
Height: 11.7m
Wingspan: 43.1m
Crew: 4
First Introduced: (1947)[1]
Status: Retired

The C-97 Stratofreighter was an air freighter service in the 1950s. The aircraft was based off of the B-29 Super Fortress bomber. Boeing made a civilian version called the 377. The struts were easily identifiable as coming from the 1950s. The tires were made at Goodyear and the wheels were manufactured by Rantoul Engineering. The oxygen tanks were a generic kind that are still being used on aircraft. [2]

Notable AirplanesEdit

  • Vixen 03, an USAF plane that went missing in 1954.


In the book, the C-97 is called a Stratocruiser, which is what the civilian Boeing 377 is called.

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