Harvey Dolan
FAA Seal
Vital statistics
Title Inspector
Gender Male
Home Country United States
Affiliation Federal Aviation Administration
Occupation Principal Maintenance Inspector
Status Alive
Home Colorado

Harvey Dolan was a citizen of the United States and worked as an principal maintenance inspector the Federal Aviation Administration.

In 1988, Harvey worked at the Air Carrier District Officer at Stapleton Airport, Denver, Colorado. Harvey was friends with Phillip Devine, who worked for United Airlines. He considers Devine to be a walking encyclopedia of aircraft. After work, they would go and have a beer. After Dirk Pitt visited the airport about some airplane wreckage he found, Harvey referred him to Devine. He explained to Pitt that an aircraft is built with parts from many different companies. Yet, he was able to help identify the wreckage with a serial number from the aircraft's strut with Devine.

After receiving information from Boeing and Colonel Abraham Steiger, Dolan called Lee Raferty, the only person with a telephone near Pitt. To call Pitt, Dolan used his citizen-band radio to bounce a signal off a communications satellite to a ranger station at the White River National Forest, and asked them to relay the message to the Raferty house. When Pitt returned his call on collect, Dolan was a bit frustrated. Dolan felt that the missing aircraft did not crash and ended up in a junk yard. Dolan took a rain check on lunch from Pitt as payment for helping him.

Harvey had lunch with Colonel Abraham Steiger prior to Colonel Steiger visiting Pitt. [1]

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