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Loren Smith
Seal of the House of Representatives
Vital statistics
Title Congresswoman (1986-)
Gender Female
Home Country United States
Affiliation House of Representatives: 7th District Colorado
Occupation Politician (Independent Party)
Status Active
Home Colorado
Relatives Charles Smith (Father)
Dirk Eric Pitt (Partner)

Loren Smith is a citizen of the United States, and the US 7th District Representative from Colorado. She is the daughter of Charles Smith.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Loren has cinnamon colored hair, and she is in excellent shape.

Biography Edit

In September 1985, her father was killed in a diving accident on Table Lake, Colorado near his cabin. Loren took his death pretty hard and did not go back to the cabin until three years later. In 1986, Loren was elected US Representative from the Colorado 7th District. In 1988, Loren took a vacation to her father's cabin near Table Lake with Dirk Pitt. Loren wanted to go hiking with Dirk, but he would rather go fishing. Instead, Loren went to Denver to do some shopping and to catch up on correspondence. [1]

Personal Activities Edit

She enjoys yoga. If a function does not involve Colorado, Loren would go home and curl with her cat, Ichabod, on the couch to watch a movie at her residence in Washington.

Relationships Edit

Dirk Pitt Edit

She engaged in a relationship with Dirk during the last year in the wake of the Raising of the Titanic incident. They met during a social gathering in Washington, D.C. thrown by the Secretary of the Environment. He was identified by Morton Shaw, when Loren did not recognize him. She thought he was not as handsome as Paul Newman. Yet, she was very enamored with him, especially after he told her the he was going to take her on an hundred-mile-an-hour hydrofoil racing boat because good girls like the adventurous type.


In Trojan Odyssey, it is stated that she was nearing her fourth term and she did not want to go on for a fifth term, but however she has actually had ten terms.

In Trojan Odyssey, it is stated that Loren's Father and Mother attended her wedding. However her father had died years earlier.

References Edit