The Corporation is a team of highly-trained mercenaries led by Juan Cabrillo. They are all US citizens and have all worked at some point for the US government with most serving in the US Military. To join The Corporation they must have been recognised by their superior officers as an expert in their specialty, either being a high ranking officer themselves or a member of the Special Operations Forces of the US Military. In The Corporation there are no ranks, and each member is considered a shareholder in the Corporation and thus is paid handsomely every time the Corporation successfully completes an operation. They execute operations for almost any country or company that can afford their services as long as it doesn't break with the Corporation's moral code. Their main contact within the United States, which can be considered the Corporation's principal employer, is Langston Overholt IV of the CIA, and Juan's former boss.

Corporation MembersEdit

Executive Officers Edit

  • Juan Cabrillo: Chairman of The Corporation. Formerly a CIA Operative under Langston Overholt IV.
  • Max Hanley: President of The Corporation / Chief Engineer. Formerly in the US Navy.
  • Linda Ross: Vice President of The Corporation replacing Richard Truitt,  previously Security and Surveillance Specialist. Formerly an Intelligence Officer aboard a US Navy Aegis Guided Missile Cruiser.

Current Crew Members (In alphabetical order) Edit

  • George "Gomez" Adams: Helicopter Pilot. Former US Army 160th SOAR.
  • Rick Barrett: Assistant Chef.
  • Monica Crabtree: Supply and Logistics Coordinator.
  • Chuck "Tiny" Gunderson: Chief Pilot, Fixed Wing.
  • Michael Halpert: Finance and Accounting.
  • Cliff Hornsby: General Operations.
  • Julia Huxley: Medical Officer. Formerly the Senior Medial Officer at the US Naval base in San Diego.
  • Pete Jones: General Operations.
  • Hali Kasim: Communications / General Operations.
  • Larry King: Sniper / General Operations. Former US Army 1st SFOD Delta.
  • Franklin "Linc" Lincoln: Head of General Operations. Formerly a US Navy SEAL.
  • Marion ''MacD'' MacDougall Lawless III: General Operations replacing Jerry Pulaski.
  • Judy Michaels: Pilot.
  • Mark Murphy: Shipboard Weapons and Technology Specialist / General Operations.
  • Kevin Nixon: Magic Shop Specialist.
  • Tracy Pilson: Pilot, Amphibious Plane.
  • Sam Pryor: Propulsion Engineer.
  • Gunther Reinholt: Propulsion Engineer.
  • Eddie Seng: Director of Shore Operations / Security and Surveillance Specialist replacing Linda Ross. Formerly a US Marine then CIA Operative.
  • Eric Stone: Control Room Operator / General Operations / Chief Helmsman.

Retired Crew Members (In alphabetical order) Edit

  • Carl Gannon: General Operations.
  • Bob Meadows: General Operations.
  • Tom Reyes: General Operations.
  • Richard Truitt: Vice President of The Corporation.

Deceased Crew Members (In alphabetical order) Edit

  • Jerry Pulaski: General Operations.
  • Mike Trono: General Operations / Helicopter pilot in training. Former US Air Force Combat Controller.